Scrapbooked: South-Africa

// This post was made back in 2013 (23.11.13). I made a scrapbook. Loved it. Threw it out. Made an album. Obsessed with it. Now I’m waiting for a new album with pictures from my latest trip.



Video Diary: South Africa

I have had this video ready for about a month now, but did not want to mix it up with the whole American-dream-thingy that was going on during the Christmas month. Looking back on all the pictures and videos that we made makes me so happy. And even better is the fact that I in a couple of weeks will be seeing two of my new friends again. This trip (read: volunteer experience) was the best time of my life and I am so fortunate to have experienced something like this. Thank you to all of you guys who made it the best trip ever. TIA ♥ This Is Africa

//14.10.13. Hartbeesport, Sør-Afrika

Bare noen få hundre meter unna lodgen vår bor det to små løveunger. Det er søskenparet Sasha og Shomba på fem måneder. De er de frivilliges ansvar, og vi tar dem ut fra stallen til området sitt i halv åtte-tiden, og inn igjen før middagstid. Vi har også ansvaret for å gi dem tre måltider med hestekjøtt, hver dag (noe vi foresten kutter og forbereder selv).

Vi har lov til å være inne sammen med dem når vi selver ønsker det, og de er rett og slett fantastiske. De krabber over deg, tygger på skoene dine og lekesloss hele tiden. Det eneste er at om du snur ryggen til en av dem for et lite sekund, kjenner du plutselig at et eller annet hopper på deg og setter tennene i foten din. Ah, de er verdens søteste!

Som jeg  har nevnt tidligere, tar vi dem også med på lengre turer. Det betyr at vi tar de ut på et større område, ut i bushen for å gå. I motsetning til løvene og elefantene som alltid er foran oss, kommer disse alltid hoppende litt lenger bak. De er tamme nok til å ikke stikke av eller gjør oss noe, men «spesialistene» er naturligvis alltid i nærheten om det skulle være noe.

Jeg prøver rett og slett å bruke mest mulig tid inne sammen med dem, selv om vi har svært lite fritid. Det er de små øyeblikkene hvor Shomba biter på joggeskoende dine, mens Sasha ligger i fanget ditt du aldri kommer til å glemme. De små øyeblikkene.


Small Moments: South-Africa

  • Driving around the farm, sitting in the back of the truck
  • All the volunteers finding the fisheye lens very fascinating
  • Cuddling with the cubs whenever having a time off


  • Having  a braai (African BBQ) with the staff
  • The way everyone used their walkie-talkies
  • Being locked out because the other volunteers left to watch the new born calf
  • Meeting and sharing stories with the kids at the children home outside Jo´burg
  • Smelling fresh towels arriving at the lodge
  • Leaving some clothes behind and watching your friends’ happy face
  • Sharing unforgettable memories with new friends


  • Figuring out that your comfort zone is way bigger than expected
  • Stalking my favorite animal: The Kudu
  • Watching baby monkeys playing tag up in the threes
  • Meeting a french guide both looking and dressing like Allan from the Hangover
  • Smelling mosquito spray in the wild
  • Going on a night drive and finding a baby mouse


  • Road trip with the girls
  • Taking panorama pictures
  • Listening to your own music after 16 days with other ones’
  • Worshiping new like-minded people
  • Usually enjoying spending time on your own, but love being social 24/7
  • Knowing that there is a 9 000 volt fence and guards with weapon outside to make sure you are safe during the night
  • Knowing you will meet your new friends later on


  • Meeting a woman who really knows how to tell good stories
  • Having the taxi driver laugh at you when telling you are from Norway (no where)
  • Qatar Airways it self
  • Eating cereals and yoghurt for breakfast every day
  • Putting your own personal touch on the wall in the Elephant house by painting a world map
  • Arriving in Norway after three weeks in Africa, and experiencing the most beautiful sun rise ever

Flybilletter: 9.000 (TRD-OSL-DOH-JHB-DOH-OSL-TRD)

Overnatting: 1.275 i Doha + 750 i Drifters Lodgen

Aktiviteter: 4.898 for frivillig arbeid + 4.370 for safarien

Vaksiner: 1.330 + 1.290 + 1.215

Annet: Brukte i underkant av 3 000kr på shopping, transport og mat.

Har fått en del spørsmål om budsjettet for turen til Sør-Afrika, og har nå kommet fram til at totalsummen ble ca 27 000kr. Det aller meste var forhåndsbetalt med penger jeg har spart opp i sommer. Har også kjøpt noen småting som blant annet reiseapotek, kamera, mikrofiberhåndduker og lakenpose, men dette blir jeg å bruke ved senere reiser, og har derfor ikke lagt det inn i budsjettet. Kameraet kostet rundt 3 000, så jeg regner med at det ble + 5 000.  // IG@sandrahave


I wanted to share my experience from the Safari I joined in South Africa, although there is not that much positive things to say. Some may have read my previous post about everything we did, and it is easy to tell that it was a lot of driving. Driving on a safari is a good thing, but not in a truck. That was the biggest problem. Instead of going in an open vehicle we sat in these uncomfortable seats and looked through dirty windows. We only had one game drive, and it was definitely the best thing we did during the trip. I wished there were a lot more of them. When on a safari you want to see animals and beautiful nature, not being stuck in a truck, moving from one camp to another.


My trip was organized in cooperation with Kilroy Norway, but Drifters was the tour operator. I was not satisfied with their program at all, and I do not think  I will book with them again. To me they almost seemed a bit unprofessional, even though they have been doing this since 1983. One of many reasons were the lack of pre information. The papers we got before leaving Norway said we had to bring a pillow, towel and also a sleeping bag. Well, arriving we heard they were old information sheets. You just do not go to a new continent bringing these sort of things, when not being in a need of it. We also were told we would leave 6h30, but arriving the lodge late the night before we were told we would leave at 6. That may not seem like a big problem, but two other girls were staying at a different hostel and if they had not called Drifters the evening before, they would not have caught the ride.

Another thing was the food. I know we are not supposed to complain about food while in Africa, we are actually not supposed to do that at all. But when you pay this much money, we all expected to have enough food during the trip. We ate early in the morning and then a small lunch approximately 9 hours later. After a long day of driving we finally had dinner, this time 8 hours later. And that brings me to another thing. We actually had to get up at 4-5 AM every day. Imagine being on tour for 24 days! The other couples from Germany also mentioned that. We all were aware of the fact that you had to get up early if you wanted to see the animals, but hey we are on a holiday! And we did see the lion, leopard, rhino and elephant in the middle of the day.



As you can tell, I was not really happy about the safari, and I wont recommend it to anyone. I have talked with my agency and also Drifters, and they know for sure how unhappy I was. It was not worth the money at all, and even though I saw the big five, I was not impressed. It may have something to do with the fact that I earlier worked with animals. I got used to walking with elephants and lions, feeding cubs and walking out the door to meet the donkeys and zebras. That was probably why I did not enjoy it as much, stopping to see animals miles away. But I talked with the other people in the group, and they were not impressed either. That is to bad, since we spent a lot of money on this tour. Next time I will definitely go to see Victorias Falls.

And I must say I do not have any other experience to base the statement on, but this is how I felt about the trip. I can only talk for my self, but I got the feeling that a lot of the other couples actually shared my thoughts. If any of you have any thing to comment, feel free to do that. And of course, if you want to share your experience I would love to read it. // Sandra








So these are probably my favourite pictures from the trip. It has been 11 days since I came back, and it is just 32 days until the US. I CAN NOT WAIT! Anyways, my mac book is still in for service so I only have my iPhone. But the posts about the trip are right around the corner. Hope everyone is doing fine //Sandra