Animal Work: big cats

// Norway 10.01.17

This was probably one of the coolest things I witnessed at the farm. Seeing the owners son working with the big cats was such a surreal thing to do, especially as I know that they are not tame or anywhere near that term. He grew up with the big cats and knows what he is doing, but they are still lions and tigers with instincts that might kick in. I am so happy I got to experience animal work with the big cats!



Travel expenses: Africa 2017

// Blog posts on my previous travel expenses: Africa(2013) – USA (2013)


Accommodation: 837 NOK (Zambia), 200 NOK (Zimbabwe) and 3.355 NOK (Cape Town)

Preparations: 1.500 NOK (vaccinations) and 428 NOK (visa)

Activities: 11.880 NOK (two weeks of volunteering) and 2783 NOK (Helicopter Ride, Dinner Cruise, Victoria Falls National Park, Chameleon Village and Robben Island)

Shopping: approximately 3.000 NOK + 2.000 NOK (covered by my insurance)

Food: spent 2.000 NOK on food during the three weeks we travelled.

Other expenses: 2.500-ish on taxis, massages, wifi and other (un)necessary stuff

ThE trip was booked through Kilroy Norway and I paid 32K in April. I reckon all expenses included, this trip came out on a total of 45,000 NOK. That is a lot of money, but for sure worth every penny. Guess I have to start saving up for my next adventure already..

Uten navn

Lion Cub Enrichment

// Norway 08.01.18

Once a week every volunteer had the chance to take part in lion cub enrichment. Five-six of us went in with one of the project leaders to play, take photos and cuddle (if possible). Their enclosure was located a three minute walk from Quarantine, in the same backyard as the volunteer pool. As the cubs are getting bigger they get more playful and turn into something that is more like a wild animal. Which obviously is a good and healthy thing. In just a few more weeks these three are probably to big to have visitors, so I am very grateful that we had the chance to do it. If you fancy a throwback to my first GA-stay, here is a blog post about the cubs from 2013.



// Norway 06.01.18

This is Selati. She is a very photogenic leopard  -and that is about everything I know about her. Guess I was busy talking pictures when the staff was telling us facts. Unfortunately the fence did not show up on my camera, meaning I did not know that the color would be this faded. But that does not stop me from posting them photos, cause boy is she pretty…


A Kiss from Kai

// Norway 05.01.18

Here are a few of the pictures we got of KaiKai, the lion cub, giving cuddles during my final lion walk. I have such big respect for the animals, and even though I did not fear for my life you can tell that my guard was raised. Despite the pictures not being «perfect» it was such a great experience and a moment I´ll never forget. Thanks Kai x


It is harder to come home than go away

Da har jeg vært hjemme i Norge i godt over to døgn. Og for å være helt ærlig har det vært ganske utfordrende. Spesielt i de første 30 timene kjente jeg på et ekstremt savn til Afrika og farmen, og ikke minst det å ha folk rundt meg 24/7. Det betyr jo bare at jeg har hatt en veldig fin tur og jeg har møtt mange fine folk, så noe positivt kommer det ut av det. Veldig rart var det i hvert fall å våkne opp den første morgenen (sov 12 timer uavbrutt) av alarmen og tro at jeg var på Glen Afric. Jeg var så klar til å gjøre morgenarbeid sammen med alle de frivillige igjen. Post Travel Depression er faktisk en ting, hehe.

Til tross for at det har vært utfordrende er det klart det er mye positivt ved det å komme hjem også. Jeg kan ikke huske at jeg opplevde hjemkomsten på samme måte da jeg reiste i 2013 og 2014, så noe har endret seg på de årene. Her er i hvert fall en liten liste over ting jeg setter ekstra stor pris på etter tre uker i Sør-Afrika:

  • Tilgang på (rent) vann
  • At vi snakker norsk i tillegg til at vi kan engelsk
  • Rutiner og mulighet til å lage den maten jeg ønsker å spise
  • Gode relasjoner og FaceTime/Messenger
  • Byen min og hvor ekstremt fin den er