Travel expenses: Africa 2017

// Blog posts on my previous travel expenses: Africa(2013) – USA (2013)


Accommodation: 837 NOK (Zambia), 200 NOK (Zimbabwe) and 3.355 NOK (Cape Town)

Preparations: 1.500 NOK (vaccinations) and 428 NOK (visa)

Activities: 11.880 NOK (two weeks of volunteering) and 2783 NOK (Helicopter Ride, Dinner Cruise, Victoria Falls National Park, Chameleon Village and Robben Island)

Shopping: approximately 3.000 NOK + 2.000 NOK (covered by my insurance)

Food: spent 2.000 NOK on food during the three weeks we travelled.

Other expenses: 2.500-ish on taxis, massages, wifi and other (un)necessary stuff

ThE trip was booked through Kilroy Norway and I paid 32K in April. I reckon all expenses included, this trip came out on a total of 45,000 NOK. That is a lot of money, but for sure worth every penny. Guess I have to start saving up for my next adventure already..

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