A regular day at Glen Afric

07:30 Elephant walk or stable work (horse stables and the elephant house).

09:00 Breakfast. We usually have toast or cereal, but from time to time we get scrambled eggs, pancakes or french toast. And we don’t do any prep nor the dishes 😉

10:00 Work. Anything from roadwork and gardening to working the cubs and cleanig shit.

12:30 Lunch. Something warm, like dinner actually

13:30 Work. Any of the activities mentioned above. On Monday and Friday we also feed the big cats (lion, tiger, hyena) and the smaller ones (cheeta and cervals). Sometimes we also do Game Drives (like a small safari at the farm) and check on the animals that roam freely.

17:00 Done for the day. Usually

18:30 Dinner (and sometimes even dessert)

19:30 Hang out. Chatting, playing pool, drinking, watching movies or going for night drives (at the farm).

On Sundays we are off and Thursday/Saturday we tend to have the possibility to do excursions. The best ting about this project (part from the people and the animals them selves) is that EVERYTHING we do, we do for the animals.



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